Nuit Blanche

For AGATHOM Co., the site is always the starting point. We are preoccupied with how our structures fit into, or sit upon, existing or natural environments. When we were invited to create a float for Nuit Blanche, we wanted to make use of the ersatz qualities of a traditional parade float as a way to highlight the haphazard nature of our built environment. We think our float poses a few fundamental questions about our city and environs. Questions like, What's that smell? How much? Who's behind the curtain? What's that buzzing noise? When will it hatch? Who knocked? We really want an answer to these questions: When will it end? Why me? We will, of course, continue to add to the list of questions we have – and we hope our float will inspire somebody out there to provide a few of the answers. Will we see you at Nuit Blanche?

Photos: Steven Evans & Serafima Korovina