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Agathom Models in The Globe and Mail

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AGATHOM Models in the Globe and Mail

Dave LeBlanc—Intricate hand-crafted miniatures guide the architects of Agathom in their work; now, a book celebrates the possibilities they represent.

Some are semi-abstract and rendered in concrete, others woodsy and literal. A little one, over here, is a frozen zoom-in of a particular detail – a fireplace chimney – while a sprawling one, over there, contains a slice of hilly landscape with a house, tiny people and abstracted jack pines.

Beautiful, yes, but perched on top of every flat surface, wedged into bookshelves and balanced on top of the refrigerator even, the architect’s models at Agathom Co. were clearly taking up too much space. “And I threatened to throw them all in the blue box or burn them in the fireplace,” says architect Adam Thom, his voice still scratchy from a recent cold.

“We had a real serious fight,” admits the other half of Agathom, the Danish-born Katja Aga Sachse Thom. More like a lover’s spat, really, since the husband-and-wife team at the helm of the city’s most artistic architecture practice acknowledge that model-making is a key ingredient to the success of their award-winning ways.