Projects glow

Custom-designed lighting fixtures animate each project.


Structural retrofits, like this office mezzanine-removal project in a historical Toronto building. We coordinate a full range of consultants to orchestrate complex projects.

Fresh Rugs

New hand-woven wool & silk works have landed for spacious flat in London, UK. Every room created specially – more photos on their way.


In the Globe and Mail’s Real Estate section, Dave LeBlanc writes about AGATHOM’s Dove project.

Read the article online or see it in print form here >

Softened Soffit

Careful detailing paired with material research & experimentation are integral to our practice.


Rainforest Retreat is the Popular Choice Winner of the Private House XS Category.

Thanks to everyone who voted and made it possible for us.

Custom-designed wool rugs

Among other textiles, Katja designs rugs for clients to suit their specific projects. Every aspect of the yarn selection, colour, pattern and detailing is considered. She brings a lifetime of wool fabric design and technical knowledge to each unique piece. The high-quality rugs are hand woven in India by master weavers, and shipped to our Toronto studio. Learn more here.

new ideas

Starting an interesting project? It always begins with a conversation. Why not set up a visit with us? Reach us here.

Building Surgery

We enjoy the chance to cleverly repurpose buildings with affection and creativity.

Company Motor

The AGATHOM truck is here, it’s tuned and ready for its painted graphics. We are looking for the right painter.

All hands on deck

Everyone on the team gets involved with each project.

Molly’s Cabin In Green: Sustainable Architecture & Landscape Design

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Construction Delight

Steel-toed boots are off and on each week as we visit projects in the midst of construction. This is the rewarding part — seeing ideas come to life. We will keep posting views of the always fascinating process of building-making.

Paper Play

Study models capture the poetry of light and space.

About Us

Established in 2005, AGATHOM is an award-winning architectural studio and workshop. Located in a landmark building in Toronto’s Corktown neighbourhood, the firm is the union of two distinct, yet complementary voices. Adam Thom and Katja Aga Sachse Thom – partners in work and life – started the firm as an extension of a finely-calibrated collaborative process built on a foundation of broad technical expertise and a dedication to craftsmanship.

During its first ten years, the firm received more than its fair share of media attention. Contradictory words like intimate, monumental, playful, daring, rugged, graceful, idiosyncratic and familiar were often used to describe the work. Over the next decade, the aim of the firm is to continue to beguile, confound and delight while taking on larger scale projects and building a team of like-minded associates and collaborators.

Stanley Sun

Joshua Henk

Katja Aga Sachse Thom


Danish by origin, Katja came to Toronto by way of Los Angeles where she met Adam and completed a M.Arch. at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). A modernist from birth, Katja comes from a long line of celebrated contemporary Danish textile designers. Her background as a weaver, sculptor (BFA – University of New Mexico), furniture designer and educator brings depth and wisdom to the architectural practice.

Adam Thom


Adam grew up in and around art, architecture and design. After obtaining a BFA in sculpture, he received a M.Arch. from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects, the RAIC and sits on the executive board for the Toronto Society of Architects. As a member of the advisory committee for IPLAN, a training program for internationally educated architects, he takes a keen interest in helping other architects gain a foothold in the profession.

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