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Molly’s Cabin in Green

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Molly’s Cabin in Green Magazine

Will Jones—Perched on a desolate 2.8 acre (a little over a hectare) island in Georgian Bay, on Lake Huron in Canada, is Molly’s Cabin. Swept by wind and rain that drives in off the 59,600² km lake, this diminutive timber building is anchored to the island with mortared stone piers and bolts driven into the uneven rock surface to stop it quite literally blowing away in heavy winds.

The island is accessible only by boat and eight miles (10 km) away from the nearest marina. It has virtually no tree cover and is uninhabitable from November until May, when the more sheltered parts of the bay are variously iced up, battered by storms and chilled by temperatures that drop as low as minus 30°C.