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Rainforest Retreat in Elemental Living Book

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Rainforest Retreat in Elemental Living

Located on the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, this house is both a residential retreat and a studio. Nestled in a grove carpeted with ferns, the building works to engage its surroundings by way of intimately framed views of both the forest and the ocean beyond. By entwining two formal volumes into one, the architects have created a structure with an expansive, deep living area and yet a small, low-impact footprint.

Built from local fir and cedar specifically milled for their warm, distinct grains, the house makes the most of the natural light that filters through the canopy and reaches the forest floor. Large windows provide unique interior light conditions that embrace the abundant shadow as much as the sunlight, while on dark or overcast days, carefully positioned artificial lighting transforms the house into a beacon in the woods.