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Wasagathom in The Globe and Mail 2015

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Wasagathom in the Globe and Mail

The Tailored Country Home

Dave LeBlanc—It was love at first sight,” says David Daub about meeting the two principal architects at Agathom Co. Katja Thom laughs, embarrassed at this unexpected tidbit, to which Mr. Daub insists: “It absolutely was!”

So, was that the moment this house was born? Even though a shovel hadn’t yet dented the soft earth of Wasaga Beach, could it be “the moment?” Laugh if you will, but, much like a baby in the womb, it’s a difficult question to answer: so many milestones, so many emotions.

“We were very emotional about this project because it meant so much to us,” adds Mr. Daub’s partner, Pascal Arseneau. “We couldn’t say: ‘Hey, build us a $1-million cottage and we’ll see you when it’s done’ – that wasn’t the direction, so we had to find someone we could trust.”

Maybe establishing trust was the moment.