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Rainforest Retreat in Bright Diaries

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Rainforest Retreat in Bright Diaries

The image of the cabin as the quintessential symbol for refuge from all things society has drastically evolved since Henry David Thoreau published “Walden” In 1854, in which the famed transcendentalist pushes the idea of favouring personal introspection, self-sufficiency, and simplicity within natural surroundings over the hectic and shallow life industrialization forces upon the individual. What certainly hasn’t changed though is that each and every cabin could still work as a world unto itself, offering the perfect idea—or illusion—of a retreat, a restful shelter from the rat race known as reality.

Escapism these days is an act of almost imperative scale, a possibility to shed the stress and anxieties and worries everyday life has up its sleeve for us. And regardless if it’s just for a few days or several weeks, once we’ve returned from our away game in nature, we can’t help but feel better equipped to deal with our current realities as we’ve probably discovered new sides of ourselves—even though we’re pretty much aware the whole time that the escape was just a temporary one once again.

As life is getting more complex by the minute, so does the demand of how a cabin these days should actually look. And while the outward appearance might have evolved quite drastically compared to Thoreau’s modest hut, the original intent and purpose most definitely is still intact a sanctuary for yourself and the ones close to your heart. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere where time seems to stand still. Somewhere where you are in control. The examples on the following pages showcase the highly ambitious designs of contemporary cabins, created by some of the leading architectural offices from around the globe.